Sodom (America) and Gomorrah


Shipping/Handling fee applied.

10-pkt = $3.50  |  25-pkt = $6.00  |  100-pkt = $15.00

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‘Sodom (America) and Gomorrah’ Item No. GTS-752

Although there is no set price for the GTS tracts, the tracts do cost us money to publish and we can only provide them as The Lord meets the financial needs to produce them. Therefore, a shipping and handling fee has been applied to each tract quantity packet available. While we are asking for the price of packing and shipping to be shared, a donation above the shipping cost will help us to provide the millions of tracts that are sent out to prisons, street ministries, and those who truly cannot afford to donate but are able to help sow the salvation seed into the Harvest fields.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter.