We hope to help you understand more about us through this page…but we welcome the chance to talk with you if you have a question not answered here!

Q: What’s behind the name, “Gospel Tract Society?”

A: While the name sounds old fashioned, it is — but at the same time, we haven’t been able to improve on it. Gospel means “good news.” It is the message of Jesus’ birth and death that is our only hope of getting out of this thing alive. A tract is like a “tract” of land, it is a portion or parcel of the whole message, and Society represents a group of people who share the same belief, calling or purpose. Thus, GTS is a group of people surrendered to the mission of sharing Hope, by the printing and distribution of portions of Biblical Teachings.

Q: Can I order your tracts online? I am searching for a catalog of everything you have available but can’t find one.

A: You’re right—we don’t have a complete list because there are so many (over 800). Sometimes we reprint “old” tracts as their subject matter becomes “new” again. Other tracts are retired over time as supporters’ interest in them may diminish or be replaced by newer titles. We categorize them differently as they apply to different subjects, and try to prayerfully customize orders when people request different titles. So we have found sample packs to be most effective.

Q: What do your tracts cost?

A: We do not fix prices on our tracts and never have. We distribute tracts as the Lord provides. It is the gifts of God’s people that enable us to continue.


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